In this photojournalism gallery you’ll find a selection of the photojournalistic work I’m most proud of.

“It’s a process of getting to know people. That’s what photography and photojournalism is to me. Its about paying attention, not screwing up and blowing a great opportunity.” Eugene Richards

I am inspired by the work of great photographers such as Martin Parr, Larry Burrows, PH Emerson and Eugene Richards.

Great photography and photojournalism is exactly as Eugene said – getting to know people so that they are comfortable with you and forget you’re there, watching constantly in the background and knowing how and when to take the photograph which will subsequently become ‘that moment’.

I honed my stylistic photojournalism skills as a photographer embedded with the Royal Marines in Iraq, including the US/UK invasion in 2003. My photojournalism work is a mix of commissioned and self-assigned photojournalism stories. Shot over longer periods of time, it is a way of looking at and understanding the world around me and how it is changing. As a concerned photographer it is vital for me to be continually challenged and inspired by less commercial work.

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