wedding photographer devon cornwall

Documentary wedding photographer 

I love being a wedding, commercial and family photographer and apply my natural documentary photography style – also called reportage or photojournalism to all my work. The result is authentic photographs, that look and feel real – because they are real.

I come from a photographic background steeped in the golden age of the photojournalist: the go-anywhere, shoot-anything adventurer determined to create photographs that inform and entertain in equal measure. Photographers like PH Emerson, Eugene Richards, Larry Burrows and Martin Parr. I am continually inspired by photographers who document the real life in front of them rather than manufacturing something conceptual in a studio.

Real photo-storytelling

Great photographs tell a story. It’s the not knowing how the story will unfold, or what will happen along the way, that makes photography so exciting to me. During a wedding, I photograph what is happening in front of me, capturing that moment, that emotion, that memory. Which for me, is what photography is, what photographers should do: fitting 1/125th of a second of real life into the 35mm viewfinder, and distilling that moment.

I approach weddings, commercial and family shoots as photographic stories. I have to be fast enough to capture the action, sensitive enough to take the portrait, shrewd enough to see the detail shots, creative enough to get the relationship shot and strategic enough to understand the wider importance of the whole story. That’s how, in my humble opinion, you get really great photographs. I apply this to weddings, commercial and family shoots.


wedding photographer devon cornwall

Real natural moments

I believe great photography to be rooted in getting to know people. I always get to know my wedding couples or clients so that you feel comfortable in my company, preferably forget I’m with you and therefore behave naturally. At a wedding or event, I watch constantly in the background so that I know how and when to take the photograph which will subsequently become ‘that moment’. Its how I photograph, so that the moments and subsequent photographs are real. Raucous laughter, emotional tears, tender moments, I will photograph them all – as real moments make for great, authentic, real photographs.

Fun and laughter

Weddings are full of fun and laughter – as they should be – they are after all one huge celebration, as are family days on the beach. I photograph moments of true, spontaneous emotion and action. You can’t take these photographs in a posed situation, it just doesn’t have the authenticity to make the photograph stand out as a great moment, a great photograph. I freeze frame moments of fun and laughter forever in a photograph.

wedding photographer devon cornwall


Even during the most organised of weddings or events every human being – thank goodness – has huge potential for spontaneity. That’s what I’m always waiting for – that look, that moment, those feelings captured forever, without you knowing the camera was even there. Those unplanned moments that will become your favourite photographs.


This is the single most important reason photography is so important. Great photographers use their cameras as tools of exploration, passports to inner sanctums – their images proof that photography matters. I capture moments of true, unbridled emotion that memory never could.

wedding photographer devon cornwall


I photograph quickly and unobtrusively blending into the background. I don’t need lots of set-up moments or staging. I will photograph what happens naturally without you knowing I’m there.

And finally…

I use a variety of small cameras including the latest DSLRs and ideally no flashguns. My interest is in taking beautiful photographs, not selling prints or books. The images I create are your photographs and are provided unwatermarked and at high resolution so you can make your own prints and albums. I simply retain the copyright and ask for an appropriate credit and website link for any images used commercially.

wedding photographer devon cornwall

To find out more about any area of my photography please do get in touch.