CISCO Live 2018 in Barcelona

I've just finished a great week working for photographer Sean Ebsworth Barnes and with photographer Ben Phillips in sunny Barcelona at the CISCO Live 2018 event. Lots of technical detail, mainly way above my level, but as always some fascinating insights on what the future could hold and the ever-evolving internet of things. Throw in the slightly anarchic Bruce Dic[...]

Princess Anne visits Mount Kelly School

I was delighted to be commissioned to photograph Princess Anne opening the brand new Mount Kelly School 50m swimming pool last month. Royal-snapping is something I've not done for a while...not in fact since about 2005 when I photographed Princess Anne's slightly more famous mother in London for the Reuters news agency, when I was cutting my teeth in photojournalis[...]

Tresco Abbey Gardens flower count 2017

Always a pleasure to shoot some press photojournalism, better still to do it in one of my favourite places  Tresco Abbey Gardens, for their annual flower count, on clear blue sunny New Year's Day 2017. Walking into that garden is like opening a door into another world, as you're hit by a heady mix of scents from South Africa, Mexico, New Zealand, Brazil and more. A[...]

Fujifilm X-Pro 2 - family portraiture

It's that tiny magic box from Fujifilm - the X-Pro 2 again - this time for family portraiture. Twins in a bath, lens so sharp. One day I'll just have two of these wonderful cameras and three more lugging around kilos and kilos of bulky SLRs with big lenses...

Fuji X-Pro 2 review

The Fuji X-Pro 2 camera has been a long time coming - and this is not at all a comprehensive review, but more a first, slightly over-excited preview. And I don't generally get excited about hardware. But just occasionally a product emerges which is genuinely extraordinary. In this case, a camera which is the natural successor to my much-loved film cameras of the pa[...]

Brocket Hall Wedding

I'd never shot a wedding at Brocket Hall. I thought it was a golf venue. And I'm not really a fan of golf. But there's no doubt - it's a great wedding venue. I arrived to an impending storm. Not good on a wedding day. In July. The first photograph I shot that day was of the storm clouds hanging threateningly over the house with the umbrella-ed golfer in the foregro[...]

Celebrity wedding photographer in action at Caerhayes Castle

In the early summer I was in action as the photographer at a wonderful wedding at the equally wonderful Caerhayes Castle in south Cornwall - the perfect venue for a celebrity wedding. The problem is I can't show any people photographs - only a handful of landscape shots! Such is the predicament of the celebrity wedding photographer sometimes. So no shots of the bride[...]

Tresco Low Tide Experience

As a photographer, Tresco Island is a magical place to visit and a joy to photograph - always different, always stunning with its own unique light. This trip was even more special, as I had the pleasure of photographing a brand new event to Tresco - the Low Tide Experience - the emergence of a sandbar on a super-low tide. Everything was in alignment for those few hour[...]

Best Wedding Photo

I'm often asked what my best wedding photo is...along with what's the worst wedding I've ever done! The answer to the latter is luckily I don't get to shoot too many 'bad' weddings. There's the very, very occasional psycho bride (or much worse, PMOTB - Psycho Mother Of The Bride). Apocalyptic weather can be tricky (Kent, July 2012), particularly for cameras. But most[...]

Family Photographer Cornwall - Fowey Hall Hotel

For the photographer, Fowey Hall Hotel in south Cornwall is the perfect setting for family photography with its beautiful private grounds, endless kids' activities and mesmerising views over the Fowey inlet. On a snowy December day in 2005 I photographed Caroline & Pete's wedding. Ten years later they asked me to photograph their extended family - all three gener[...]